Community Responsibility

Inherent in our approach to business is the belief that the communities in which we operate should benefit from our presence.

Our Community

Our Teams are keen to give back to local charities. We have taken part in many fundraising days, such as the duck race for Children in Need, dressing in purple for World Mental Health Day and wearing our Christmas Jumpers to support the amazing work the local charities do in our communities throughout the year. This Christmas we were delighted to donate to impressive and worthwhile charities such as the Air Ambulance NI, Hope Center St Helens, Glasgow Children’s Hospital, Jigsaw Cork and many more.

Access Employment Limited

Access Employment Limited, Northern Ireland’s first social enterprise offers disadvantaged people access to a wide range of inclusive, community based, educational and social opportunities to enhance their lifestyle. We out source the production and packaging of our K Rend and K Systems samples to AEL. We’re also proud to purchase bottled water from them, under their Clearer Water brand.

Queen's University Pathway Opportunity

As a business we understand the importance of providing people with opportunities to maximise their personal potential. In 2017, we pledged to ensure that every first year student joining Queen’s from the Pathway Programme would receive a £1,000 bursary upon entry, for at least five years.

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Supporting Social Enterprise

LEDCOM is a social enterprise which inspires business growth in the community by nurturing entrepreneurs, start-ups and local businesses at all stages of their journey. As their local corporate partner, Kilwaughter have been a keen supporter of the organisation for many years, acting as both a client of the facilities and contributor to their programmes and services.

Current Opportunities