9 March 2022

Women in Construction Week | Meet the Team | Paula McKenna

This year Women in Construction Week takes place between the 7th and 11th of March. Celebrated annually, it is a time to highlight all of the many great initiatives and work of women within the construction industry.

As part of Women in Construction Week 2022, Kilwaughter highlights the experience of employee Paula McKenna, who joined the industry and has never looked back.

How did your career path take you into the construction industry?

By complete fluke – I didn’t even know what render was until I first started with K Rend.

It has had its challenges over the years of course but I love my job and I now have great relationships with our customers. Between merchants and applicators, I’ve built up some great friendships over the years.

What advice would you give to women considering a career in the construction industry?

Challenge yourself - from someone who didn’t even know what render was when I first started, I challenged myself to learn not only the role itself but the industry inside out as well, by always asking questions, talking to colleagues, applicators, merchants and using everyone around me to learn as much as I could.

Never be afraid to ask for help - help is key and I wouldn’t have gained a lot of my knowledge without the support around me.

What do you love about working in the construction industry?

I love proving people wrong about a woman working in construction, sometimes they are quick to make the assumption that because you are a woman you won’t have the knowledge required in a predominantly male role to assist them.

Using my knowledge and experience I can now surprise them when I speak, that tone turns to a tone of respect and I enjoy the gratification I get from those conversations.

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