K Rend
Map Marker Kilwaughter: Larne, Northern Ireland, BT40 2TJ

Introduction to K Rend Modern Renders | Hand Application | Valenco Ltd

24 July 2024

Map Marker Kilwaughter: Larne, Northern Ireland, BT40 2TJ

04:50 - 04:50


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the K Rend product range including base coats, silicone dash, silicone roughcast, silicone scraped texture and silicone thin coat renders
  • Gain practical experience of how to apply modern renders including silicone roughcast onto silicone dash receiver by hand to deliver a high quality finish
  • Understand best practice tips and techniques to apply our silicone dash receivers and silicone roughcast renders
  • Understand substrate and installation processes that may affect the specification required
  • Gain an understanding of how K Rend can benefit your business and help on the pathway to become a K Rend Recommended Applicator

Pre-Requisite Standards

Practical experience of using plasters/render materials.

What You Need to Bring

Learners will be required to bring their own safety footwear for the practical elements of the course, all other PPE will be supplied. Lunch and refreshments will also be provided on the day.

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